Batik themed escape room puzzle game.

UPDATE : Fixed bug the sprite bug on the downloadable version

PlatformsWindows, HTML5
Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
Made withUnity
TagsEscape Game, Mystery


Room of Batik.exe 43 MB


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How you managed to get a rating this high without an English translation is beyond me. It was an instant put-off for me.


Too short!! I loved it! Original puzzles.

i hope i have time to make it longer :') thank you so muchhh ♥


There is a video walkthrough if needed ;)

omg. thank you so much, i can't believe someone actually make a walkthrough for my game 😆. I hope you enjoy my game~ I will try to fix the bug later

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It is okay now! Thanks for fixing the game ;)


you're welcome ^_^

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Bug since level 2Hi! I finished (and loved) the game but only with 10/14 achievements...

By the way, the downloaded version is bugged since the second level... it cannot be finished. As said by Nicosite, we feel the Rusty Lake and also Forgotten Hill inspiration ;)


The nosferatu one is a reference to... Well something.

Friend of Colonel and Friend of Ronald I think it might be a reference to something you can eat, but I might be wrong. haven't found those yet.


I was indeed correct:

Nosferatu: you could say nosferatu has friends near the bikini atoll
Friend of Colonel: Imagine you were really hungry in Indonesia and wanted some chicken.
Friend of Ronald: Imagine you were really hungry in Indonesia and wanted some patties.

WOW, you actually manage to get all the achivement!? I thought it would be impossible, unless u live in Indonesia?? Thx for playing, hope u enjoy it~ ♥

I don't live in Indonesia, but I can google and try to understand what's going on. For me it was clear what Ronald and the Colonel meant else. Looking in the appropiate pages long enough was the key.

So much dedication 🥺, im touched

It called being too obsesive, I'm pretty sure it's not a good thing :D :D :D

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Great game !

It's make me thinking about Rusty Lake games. ;)

well, rusty lake games is my inspiration XD

Really well polished. Had a bit of a hard time because I don't speak/read Indonesian. I got stuck in the 3rd room. Looking forward to future releases.

thank youuu ♥, i actually create this game for my school project, so i didn't thought of making an english translation 

Translation is not necessary: we can understand the game easily.

But I want to understant the lore of the game!!!

i cant..